The cabins


The boat “Eastern Comfort”

has 25 cabins on three decks and classes. On the middle-deck you'll find eight spacious 1st class cabins incl. bathroom, on the lower deck there are 16 cosy single, double, triple and four bed cabins with portholes and own bathroom. All first and second class Eastern Comfort Cabins come with linen and towels included in the price. A 4 bed dorm ensuite with 4 bunkbeds is located on the lower deck and on the third and upperdeck a dormroom with 5 bunkbeds and community shower.

You can pitch your tent or spend a romantic open air night under Berlins starlet sky sometimes ;-) ) on the upperdeck. (only during summermonth)

The boat “Western Comfort”

has 18 cabins on two decks and is moored just next to “EASTERN COMFORT”. [reception (check in and check out), lounge, breakfast, etc. only on “eastern comfort”].
Showers and toilets are central located outside the cabins on the upper deck. All services like reception checkin/out, breakfast, lounge etc. only on “EASTERN COMFORT”.



cabins in detail - Eastern Comfort

  • 1st class doublebedcabin “a” or singlebed cabin “b” with two large windows, built in wardrobe, carpeted, minibar/TV (on request) shower and toilet ensuite
  • 2nd class doublebed cabin “c” (bed 125 cm wide), singlebed cabin “d”, threebed cabin “f” or fourbed cabin “g” (two bunkbeds) with two portholes, built in wardrobe, carpeted, shower and toilet ensuite.
  • 3rd class 5-beddorm “j” with large windows, lockers and shower around the corner.
  • camping on deck “k” (tents available or bring your own tent)



cabins in detail - Western Comfort

  • 2nd class doublebed cabin „e“ (bed 130 cm wide) and threebed cabin “h” (one bunk and one singlebed) with large windows, shared shower and toilet on upper deck. (please note: all other facilities like the reception, breakfast and internet café are located next door, on the Eastern Comfort). Bedsheets and towels can be rented from us for 5Euro once or you can bring your own.