Eastern Comfort


Welcome Onboard

Sleep on the waves of the spree: That´s what Berlins only Hostelboats, Eastern Comfort and Western Comfort offer. We´re moored in a perfect location at Oberbaumbrücke between the two coolest districts in the city, Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain. It´s easy to find trendy bars, famous clubs, and cool galleries within a couple of minutes walk from our boats.

Just twenty meters away, the East Side gallery stretches out for over a kilometre, the longest remaining part of the Berlin wall. We are plonked directly in the previous dead mans land border between east and west. There are hardly any areas in the capital with such historical value as our location.

Capt´n Edgar and his crew are looking forward to welcoming you to our very special atmosphere here onboard.

We´re open all year round, and even in the colder seasons, we´ll still warm you up. In summer, our spot is a proper hit in the city. On our deck terrace, you can enjoy the light breeze of the spree river with a cold drink in your hand and the sun in your face. You can also romanticize under the stars for your stay on our open air tent deck.

Altogether, we´ve got 43 available guest cabins, from our first class variation with panorama river views, to the most economical dorm beds with shared bathrooms. We´ve got an option for all budgets and tastes, from backpackers, couples, families, or groups.

You don´t have to worry about See-sickness by the way. At night is the Spree as still as a pond, and the boat floats perfectly still. Sometime the boat may move slightly as river traffic passes by, but this will only rock you in your sleep as if you were in a cot.


The Common area

The Eastern Comfort offers various meeting points, both outside and in. At the Reception Area, at the main entrance area of the ship, you can find the main common area with a Television, Internet enabled computers, and a pay telephone.

Our highlight onboard, is our Floating Lounge on the top deck. Available here are Coffees, Cocktails, Beers, Softdrinks, and Snacks, not to mention the beautiful view of the river Spree thrown in for good measure.

Outside on the decks of the boats, one can indulge enjoy our smoking areas. Indoors however, smoking is not permitted... anywhere!


Eastern Comfort & Western Comfort

On Eastern Comfort, we´ve got 25 cabins in first and second class, all come with WC/Shower included.

Floating directly alongside, is the sister ship, Western Comfort, with it´s 18 triple/double/single cabins. Here, the toilets and showers are in a central spot outside the cabins. For all guests who want to spare their wallets, Western Comfort is a cheaper alternative to Eastern Comfort.

All services such as Breakfast and Reception can be found on the Eastern Comfort, which is of course, also available for the enjoyment of guests of Western.

All cabins in both ships have large windows, such as Portholes etc., and we offer either a view directly onto the East Side Gallery in the direction of Friedrichshain, or into Kreuzberg from across the Spree river.


What we offer

  • A friendly multilingual crew with insider tips for the city
  • Free Internet Hotspot
  • Internet connection with an onboard computer for 1€ (30 minute usage)
  • 24 hour access
  • Reception midnight until 8AM Night Porter
  • Check In from 4PM until Midnight (early arrivals can drop bags off with us)
  • Check Out 11AM
  • Early Check In & Late Check Out (5€ per hour)
  • Breakfast buffet including drinks, from 8:30AM until 11AM just 6€
  • Boat Shuttle
  • Bike Rental
  • Laundry Service (5€ per load)
  • Visa, Mastercard, EC, Cash payment
  • Smoking allowed on Deck. (No smoking inside, anywhere)
  • Free city maps and city magazines
  • Central Heating
  • Babybeds & Babysitting (please ask for info)
  • Free mooring of sportsboats, up to 15 meter in length
  • Day Cabins (please ask for info)
  • Shops and Supermarkets within walking distance


The Floating Lounge

In our Floating Lounge, you can grab a freshly pulled beer, Cocktails, Coffee, or snacks, and relax after a heavy day of city life. Both of our large outside decks belong to the lounge area, and feature wonderful views of Berlin – westwards towards the TV Tower in Mitte, and eastwards towards the Molecule Men in Treptow.

Regular dates include our weekly Wednesday Language Night, alongside various concerts partyies, and public viewing events. You can also exclusively rent out the lounge, and a number of staff, for your private party or conference, for up to 100 people. For obvious reasons, the locations is especially loved for use in engagement parties.


Eastern Comfort on Film

Eastern Comfort on tvb.de


The History of our Boats

Our current Hostelboat began its life in 1991 in Genthin (Sachsen-Anhalt) under the name “Friedrich der Große”. It was originally supposed to be delivered to the Potsdamer Passanger Navigation Company White Fleet with it´s sister ship as a towboat on German canals and rivers. This never came about however, and the ship was used for a time as an unfixed hotel in Potsdam, and later sold in the North Sea. In Wilhelmshaven, the extra restaurant level was added, and the ship was used as the “Rüstringer Friese” Hotel Ship during the Hanover Expo in 2000.

After a number of years of vacancy, not to mention lengthy negotiations, the boat was acquired by the current owner, the globetrotter and architect Edgar Schmidt von Groeling, and brought at great expense to its current location in Berlin. In 2005, the Eastern Comfort Hostelboat opened it´s hatches to the global public.

The ship names Eastern and Western Comfort are a reference to our original locations on the eastern and western banks of the Spree, proximity to the East Side Gallery, and to emphasize the standard of comfort one can expect with us.

For boat experts who what to know the details: The Eastern Comfort is a pontoon-like floating hotel without a drive, but instead, has it´s own fresh water and waste water tanks, and our own water treatment plant. The ship has its own fire pumps, and two hydraulic bulkhead doors in the hallway of the basement, which can be sealed off in case of emergency or accident. The outer skin is made of 8mm Plate Steel.


Environmental and Social Claims

  • For resource conservation, we have installed a solar thermal system which heats more than enough water on board, during sunny days. We are also planning a solar system to generate electricity, while our current oil heating system will soon be replaced by a heat pump or hydrogen heating.
  • Since 2008, from every booking, we donate a fixed amount to a charity of our choice, which is picked yearly. Currently we are helping an adult education project in South Africa which Capt´n Edgar knows personally.
  • Since 2010, we´ve also been supporting the TARGET e.V. Projekt organised by the German human rights activist Rüdiger Nehberg. The main objective of this organisation is to end female genital mutilation in Ethiopia and Mauritius. This is a project we really want to help, and 10c per booked room per day goes to this project. Which reaches up to 1450€ per year.


Where do we get our energy onboard?

  • Water: Heated using solar radiation
  • Heat: Geothermal
  • Light: Energy efficient LEDs
  • Power: Your phone, and our lights, are powered using solar power
  • Groceries: Delivered using an electric car and electric bike
  • Boat tours: We use an electric boat
  • Our surroundings: For water birds and animals, we´ve created nests

You can also do your part. Please spare drinking water, and turn out your light when you leave the room.