Eastern Comfort hostelboat GmbH 

Mühlenstr. 73

10243 Berlin

General Manager:
Edgar Schmidt von Groeling


Eastern comfort hostelboat GmbH 
Mühlenstr. 73
10243 Berlin
General Manager
Edgar Schmidt von Groeling,
Tel.: + 49 – 30 – 66 76 38 06
Fax:  + 49 – 30 – 66 76 38 05
skype: eastern comfort hostel boat berlin

Tax No: 37/402/21315
Judicial region: Berlin/Tiergarten


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Email: captn(at)eastern-comfort.com

Tel.: + 49 – 30 – 66 76 38 06

Fax: + 49 – 30 – 66 76 38 05

skype: eastern comfort hostel boat berlin

General business conditions

  1. The general business conditions regulate the contract ratio between guest /tenant and host /landlord and count acknowledged with booking!
  2. The accommodation-contract is to be seen in combination with §§70ff (German civil code). The contract cannot be solved unilaterally.
  3. The accommodation-contract is terminated as soon as rooms are ordered and accepted.
  4. The termination of an accommodation-contract obligates the contractual partners to the fulfillment of the contract. The contract can be given notice only for important reason.
  5. The reservation data are for both contract parties binding.
  6. The reserved rooms are available for the guest from 16:00 clock onwards and must be cleared at the departure day until 11:00 clock.
  7. A guest takes the contractual achievements, that he had ordered or reserved in advance.He remains obligate to the payment of the arranged price in following height: for a cancellation between that 30th and the 21st day before the arranged arrival day 10% of agreed payment, from 20 to 14 days previously 30%, from that 13th until 7th day previously 50%, from the 6th day, until the 2nd day 80%, from the 2nd day, no show or departure prior to pre booked departure 100% of the agreed payment has to be settled.
  8. The settling of the calculation in cash, is due at the latest in departure. The landlords are entitled to demand advance payment or to place in between calculations.
  9. The inefficiency of single determinations of this AGB does not touch the validity of the remaining determinations. In place of an ineffectual determination, an effective economic and as approaching as possible regulation  steps in place. Same applies to possible contingent contract spaces. The corrections of errors, especially of misspelling or miscalculation in written offers, confirmations of house boat-Berlin, remain reserve. Deviations, next to agreements, as well as additional-agreements must be held in writing.
  10. The fulfillment plotted and the jurisdiction is Berlin, Germany