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The ship was built in 1991 under the Name "Frederic the Great” for the "White Fleet Potsdam” at the shipyard of Genthin and was meant to travel together with three other identical sections and a push boat at the back over the rivers of Europe. It never happened. The ship was used as a permanent hotel in Potsdam. Then it was sold to a new owner at the German coast.

During the EXPO 2000 it was run as a hotel and restaurant under the name "Rüstringer Friese” in Wilhelmshaven at the German coast. The upper Deck was built on top.

After the owner went bankrupt, the ship lay empty for three years an waited for a new owner. The new owner came under the name of Capt. Edgar and bought the ship after long negotiations and brought it with a great effort to Berlin.

The ship has opened it’s portholes for backpacker in March 2005 The ship has a pontoon-formed body without an own engine. It has own fresh- and sewage water tanks. It has its own fire pumps, hydraulic doors in the lower floor, an own sewage plant.

The hull is built of 8mm steel.

The name "EASTERN COMFORT” is a tribute to the nearby wall and former East sector, comfort stands for a comfortable stay, and for a well known alcohol brand. It is an easy to remember and internationally understood name.

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