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Gift Voucher

 A voucher for a short stay on the Eastern Comfort Hostelboat is always a good idea for a gift. Simply contact us and let us know exactly what you would like your voucher to allow. For example, you can buy a voucher from us for two nights plus breakfast, for two people, in a first class cabin etc. Once we have received payment, we will send you your booking number and information, with which you can use to fill out the voucher once printed out. Booking a room is then as easy as sending an email. (DOWNLOAD VOUCHER HERE)

Order your voucher

How to use the voucher.

Step 1: Download the PDF.

Step 2: Print the voucher.

Step 3: Contact us and let us know what you would like to present as a gift for your loved one, and we will send you the information.

Step 4: Transfer the money to us.

Step 5: We will send you your confirmation information & booking number.

Step 6: Fill out the voucher with the information provided.

Step 7: Present the voucher to your loved one.

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