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Additional terms and conditions for the 2021 season

-From August 20th, 2021 the following applies to tourist overnight stays on board: Guests residing in Germany need to produce a negative corona test on arrival. Those with proof of vaccination or recovery from Covid are exempt from this requirement.

 -When booking, the name, address and telephone number of the person making the booking and all fellow travellers must be stated.

-Pay attention to wear the mask on board

-Please bring your passport or identity card with you as you will need to fill in a form with all your details and write and sign that you are healthy before we can check you in.

 -All guests must be free of cold symptoms upon arrival.

 -Guests who arrive with cold symptoms or fall ill during their stay must leave immediately. The accommodation price will not be reimbursed.  We recommend that

 Taking out travel cancellation insurance.

 – Unfortunately breakfast is not offered this season.  Coffee and tea will be available to help yourself to in mornings. 

 – There are countless bakeries and cafes around the ships. Please ask our crew

 – If possible, please do not linger in the reception area.  We are only allowing 1 set of guests to check in at one time and be in the reception area, so you may be asked to wait upstairs until we call you down when are ready for you. We have set up seating areas for the individual groups on the outside decks with the distance required.

 -As the aisles in the ship are quite narrow, we have set up a “one-way system”

 – Door handles, keys, surfaces are regularly disinfected.

 -Toilet systems are regularly disinfected and additionally treated with UV-C light.

 -The reception is open every day from around 11:00 to around 19:00. Check-In will be from 16:00 however you can store your luggage on board from 11:00.

 Please set up your arrival accordingly, otherwise let us know in good time when will you be arriving.  Check-ins after 20:00 is possible however you will need to call us so we can arrange all the door codes and give you all the instructions.

 – Key and money boxes are ready.

 – Always remember the door codes.

 Disinfectant for hands is in the entrance to the reception readily available

 Please contact us if you have any questions or comments

 -In the ship, as well as on deck, the minimum distance of 1.50m to other travellers applies.

 -We will not enter the cabins during your stay.

­- As per government policy to contain the Coronavirus (COVID-19), this property will not accept guests from certain countries during the period covered by these policies

– 2 important links to take in account for a stay on board




 This year is a special challenge for all of us.  We still want you Enable relaxing days in our hotel boat. If you have any questions about these points, get in touch

 with pleasure. We also cannot know which measures are useful and which are not, but we hope to minimize the risks within our means.

 We hope for your understanding and wish you a nice time with us on board


Gute Fahrt !!! Have a nice trip to Berlin !!!


Jobs at Eastern Comfort

We are currently looking for:

Reception support for our team. We need sailors with good German and English knowledge for our reception, as night personal, breakfast support, and book keeping.

What you can expect:

A highly interchangeable workload with an international team in an unusual accommodation concept in Berlin. There are early, late, and night shifts during the week and at weekends, under a mini-job (450€ per month) classification, which we could at a later date change to part time.

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