Our current Hostelboat began its life in 1991 in Genthin (Sachsen-Anhalt) under the name “Friedrich der Große”. It was originally supposed to be delivered to the Potsdamer Passanger Navigation Company White Fleet with it´s sister ship as a towboat on German canals and rivers. This never came about however, and the ship was used for a time as an unfixed hotel in Potsdam, and later sold in the North Sea. In Wilhelmshaven, the extra restaurant level was added, and the ship was used as the “Rüstringer Friese” Hotel Ship during the Hanover Expo in 2000.

After a number of years of vacancy, not to mention lengthy negotiations, the boat was acquired by the current owner, the globetrotter and architect Edgar Schmidt von Groeling, and brought at great expense to its current location in Berlin. In 2005, the Eastern Comfort Hostelboat opened it´s hatches to the global public.

The ship names Eastern and Western Comfort are a reference to our original locations on the eastern and western banks of the Spree, proximity to the East Side Gallery, and to emphasize the standard of comfort one can expect with us.

For boat experts who what to know the details: The Eastern Comfort is a pontoon-like floating hotel without a drive, but instead, has it´s own fresh water and waste water tanks, and our own water treatment plant. The ship has its own fire pumps, and two hydraulic bulkhead doors in the hallway of the basement, which can be sealed off in case of emergency or accident. The outer skin is made of 8mm Plate Steel.